Carmen Perianu

In the last 12 years out of 17, my activity has focused mainly on the relations between professionals –commercial law, corporate law, civil law, administrative law and litigation, insolvency, enforcement law, real estate, tax law, labor law, human rights and other areas where it was necessary to provide legal assistance for clients, small and medium – sized companies and individuals. In the areas described, I provided both consulting and legal assistance and representation before the courts and other institutions. Previously, in the first period after the establishment of the office of which I am the owner, I represented and assisted clients in very diverse fields of law, including, to a large extent, criminal law, but also civil, asylum, commercial, contravention, corporate, associations and foundations and human rights.


• University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law: Master in Business Law (2021)

• Comercial Law Diploma – British Law Center in cooperation with Faculty of Law, Bucharest University (2020)
• British Law Center’s Diploma in English Law and Practical Legal Skills – British Law Center in cooperation with Faculty of Law, Bucharest University (2019)

• Young Defenders Training Program – Fair Trials International- Nottingham-UK (2008)
• Woman’s Human Rights Trainning Insitutute – Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Center for Reproductive Rights and others (2007-2009)
• Specialization on asylum issues for lawyers – specific assistance provided to women and children seeking asylum – Romanian National Council for Refugees
• The National Institute for the Training and Improvement of Lawyers – Bucharest (2005)

• Bucharest Bar Association (2004)

• working languages: Romanian, English, French

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